Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Election coming up in Britain

With the General Election coming up in Great-Britain on thursday, victory seems to be solid for Tony Blair and the Labour Party. Despite the strongly contested war in Iraq and despite the approval of the European draft Constitution Treaty, which weakens the power of Britain.

One should expect the Tories would have a fairly good chance of beating him, but clearly the opinion polls don't suggest that. When one watches the campaign video of the Tories it is made clear why they don't really appeal to the voters, apart from being a nice memory of the great Thatcher days.

What they are proposing is just pure social constructivism, and not at all what conservatism should be all about.

Complaining that there is not enough police in some areas, that youngsters smoke cannabis, that kids in class haven't got any respect for their teachers, that people don't behave theirselves when going out ... The suggestion is obvious. The one and only solution proposed is state violence.

Labour reintroduced the welfare state in Britain since 2000, they restrained civil liberties, they approove of another messy European treaty which weakens the old liberal and democratic nation states, and makes an untransparant, undemocratic, corrupt, overregulatory institution as the European Union more powerfull. And the Tories don't say a word on that?

It is exemplatory for a world wide evolution on the right wing. Where the right wing used to see state power, centralisation and despotism as an ennemy, it now embraces these things as a tool. Though I think this evolution will stop. Globalisation and the information revolution make it impossible for a political party to defend anything else than the supremacy of the individual. It would be a good thing for the Tories to anticipate on that.

For the campaign videos of the three big British parties, go to http://www.boreme.com/bm/APR05/a/channel4-election-virals/fr.htm

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